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food issues

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is this normal for poodles, I have never seen anything like it. Murphy is 7 months old now. A mini.

We got him to eat his kibble, thank God, but kibble is not what he wants. He is constantly sniffing the floor for food. He climbs on tables looking for food. Its constant.

We do NOT feed him from the table, and we do not give him people food unless he finds it on his own.

I have two boys, so they are the neatest things in the world, like living their dirty cereal bowls on the table for little murphy to have his own feast.

the good news is, he wont beg when we are eating. He just waits till he sees something drop. I think thats good news.:rolffleyes:

I am not sure if this is a poodle thing. I never had a dog sniff like this, constantly. He is either sleeping or looking for something to eat.

His food dish is constantly full. He picks at all day long. I tried doing the three times a day thing, but it didnt seem to manner.

I dont think he likes his kibble too much, but he is eating it, it took us a while trying to figure out what he will eat.

anyway, is this normal?
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I am no expert but I would think it is pretty comman for some dogs to be picky. Like it or not, there are a lot of them:)

I have come to allow food out all the time BUT i only put out the average portions per serving twice a day. BUT my two little ones - not poodles, were this way and still are a little bit. What I did was got tough and only gave them about 30 minutes at two feedings a day to eat.
Once that time was up I pulled it away. Each day they would eat a little more in the morning. Also what I did was added soft food into the hard to try and entise them more. It worked for them, they eat kibble only now and treats for training and bedtime. Coco still sniffs at times and we correct him to come in the room or destract him and he listens. So it may be a little scheduling and a little training too combo. :)
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