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Hi everyone, thanks for any replies and advice in advance!
I have searched here for recommendations about food but I am being a little selfish and wanting to collect it all here for myself.

I currently feed my toy royal canin, the reason being when we got her she came with a 'starter pack ' that included this. She has no problems with it and demolishes it at meal times.

I'm just wondering what food and snacks you guys would recommend? I am in Korea, which has a high number of online malls that would probably have most food available.

Also, snacks. She really like bananas and lettuce! Are these ok? And can you recommend any other easily prepped snacks?

Again, thank you for any assistance!

Stay pawsome everyone!

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These days I stick to just one home made healthy and easily digested treat, as Poppy has health issues, but I think it is an excellent idea to get a pup used to a range of safe and healthy foods. Who knows when the "one and only thing they can eat" changes formula or goes out of production, and you are stuck? Or you are travelling and it is not available... Having a pup able to enjoy readily available food without stomach upsets is a blessing.

Eggs are a good stand by meal, and canned sardines (in water rather than oil). For treats carrot and apple, if he likes them. Liver cake or biscotti (search PF for the recipe), tiny chicken or other treats made using a silicon fat reduction mat, cooked plain meat without spices or preservatives, almost anything in fact that is not on the list of foods dangerous for dogs. Too much liver or veg can cause diarrhoea, and too much bone can have the opposite effect. But if he is happily working for lettuce I would be wary of upping the ante too much - how you gonna keep him happy with lettuce now that he's tasted foie gras?!
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