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Flying with my poodle!

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I am not a poodle owner yet but I am considering to rescue one out of a shelter and give him a loving forever home. Here is the thing: I fly a lot so I want to be able to take my poodle with me into the cabin. There is no way I would check him as cargo or travel without him. So I guess my future dog can only have a certain size. Who travels with his/her poodle. Is a Miniature already too big? I found a very cute Miniature at petfinder.com that weights about 11lbs, but I am unsure if I could take her with me! Who can help me out and share some information with me?
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We have flown 2 of our PWDS in the cargo hold (each one time). I don't think we'd do it again unless we really had to. Our second PWD flew from Toronto to California and back again. Ever since she has been fearful of loud noises like thunder etc, I guess because of the noise of flying. We found it very stressful as well - we just didn't feel the way the process is set up is in favour of the dog (or owner). So yeah, no more flying for us unless essential!
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