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Flip's new 'do.

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Flip got a hair cut...hubby is not happy.
We're going to have to go back to the 'teddy bear' cut after this.

Hubby said "Oh no, he looks like a poodle now!!" :eyeroll:


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hey! its Luke !

The dog in the picture!

any who, I like the completly shaved down poodle cut, its easy to maintain and they don't get crap all stuck in it OH! and you dont have to groom them so often (which is great for me, since I have alot of them)
The dog in the pic is gorgeous, do you know him?

Shaved down is fine with me, I'm not picky, but apparently hubby is!


P.S. That is the collar I was talking about in a different post, and I absolutely love it.
This is the site:

Guitars and stars.
The owner is on another list im on, and writes a blog

1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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