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Flip's new 'do.

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Flip got a hair cut...hubby is not happy.
We're going to have to go back to the 'teddy bear' cut after this.

Hubby said "Oh no, he looks like a poodle now!!" :eyeroll:


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I love an all shaved poodle as well, every single time im brushing and fluffing one of mine that sort of cut sounds amazing!

I might do it for the summer, especially being this close to water once we move the dogs will be swimming a lot!

Wow, the parti one looks like a German Shorthair Retriever. That is so neat...lol.
I like the shaved face better also. I think the scruffy look is cute, but a pain since they get it dirty when eating, I just think it is cleaner for them without the hair. Maybe your hubby will get used to it now that it is shaved?? LOL

I know when we got our first poodle, I said, no way do I want to do that foo foo continental clip on her. WELL, I have grown to absolutely love the continental clip and will probably keep my guys in it even after they are done being shown. It is a bit of work, but my sister and I love to groom them so it is fine. There will come a time when I decide to put one in a short, easy clip, but for now, the continental, the clip I said I would never put my dog in... lol.. is what they will have. :)

So, there is hope that your husband will decide he likes the shaved face. One can hope. lol :)
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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