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Ok, so I thought of another question. I'm planning on calling my vet tomorrow and getting their opinion, too.

With all of the brands of flea prevention/treatment and heartworm prevention...who's to decide which one is the best?

I was looking into K9 Advantix. It does both...flea prevention/treatment and also heartworm prevention. I also have heard a lot about Frontline and Hearguard. Does anybody have any suggestions? :confused:
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I have found that the Hartz brand flea and tick preventive works just as well as the "vet recommended" brands.

I have never looked into heartworm preventative because everyone I have talked to back here says they have to have a monthly test to check for heartworms and by more meds. I always wondered why would you have to keep re checking if the "preventative" you are giving the dog is doing its job properly.

Plus if you have a flea preventative on the dog 95% of those protect against mosquitoes as well.

Anyhoo that my 2 cents.
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