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Authorities responded this evening to an emergancy call regaurding yet another sensless toy attack. The Alarm was sounded by Howie Johnson as he rushed to rescue the helpless toy. The toy in question was Fishy Willaims-Johnson who reccently returned to the toy basket after recovering from a brutal attack and a squeeker transplant over the weekend. Fishy lost his remaining flipper in saturday's attack and investigators have yet to find the missing fin in spite of several sightings. " What we do know is that the flipper has not be eaten" , said mommy in an interview monday morning. Fishy has yet again been hospitalized in the master bedroom closet intensive care unit and awaits stitches from mommy. He is being allowed visited from Howie who is very concerned about the condition of his best friend.
Standard poodle Jazz was apprehended after a high speed chase through the living room and kitchen of the Johnson's residence. She was pursued by Howie, Wonder and mommy. Jazz was in possession of a mouth full of Fishy's stuffing. Eventually the use of obedience training was employed to stop hyper poodle. Pictured below is the finial moments of Jazz's "dead dog".
Fishy's stuffing was restored to his body and after he recieves his stitches he will enter the Fishy Protection Pragram in order to safegaurd his life.

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