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Hi and Welcome!

#1 she will not eat!
Good ideas from Yellow and fjm.
Has she been this way since she first came home with you or has it developed later?
Does she ever show signs of gastric problems?
Is her weight stable and in a healthy range for her height?
Is she on a regular meal schedule?
Do you calculate generally her daily calorie intake?

If it's not an intolerance for a specific protein or other ingredient, then it may be the notorious Poodle Picky Eater thing, sometimes encouraged accidentally by a loving human.
I have what I'd describe as an indifferent eater, or so I thought for almost his first three years. In his case it turned out that I just hadn't struck on a kibble the he really likes, no, loves.

The usually suggested tactic for a picky eater is to not give in. That is, if you want to feed kibble as the base, pick a kibble that has gone over well in the past, put it down at meal time and if it's not eaten in 30 minutes, pick the bowl up and try again at the next meal time (dry kibble with no additions only). The reasoning is that a healthy dog may pass up a meal or two but will not starve themselves by not eating at all.

This can be tricky with toys due to their smaller size, but if she's not extremely tiny, a missed meal or two shouldn't hurt her. You'd mentioned that she's gone 3 days before, so she should be ok. No treats during this trial either unless for training.

The second concern is she is so attached to me
Some poodles choose a specific person as their own. Do the others in the home share the raising of her? Feeding, walks, play time, combing, brushing, bathing, training? If you're doing most of this, it makes sense that she feels lost when you leave.
Desensitizing her by training for you "leaving" for very short times when you don't actually have to go anywhere. Start by gathering whatever you normally gather to leave then don't leave. Save an email to read for example then pick up your things and put them back. Do this a couple of times a day for a couple of days. Next keep doing that but now pick up you things and leave quietly, no fuss beyond a simple "Be good" or something like that. Go out the door, wait a minute then come right back in. I think you see where this process is going :). Keep building the duration.

If the other household members help with those things I mentioned, ask them to get her to focus on them by playing or combing or a 5 minute trick training session, to distract her as you leave, letting her see you leave with that cheery "be good!". When you return, wait until she calms a bit before greeting her, if she's too excited by your return.

#3 she will turn 13 months next week and has not yet gone into heat
I'd suggest to check with the vet to see if there is any cause for concern. I'd guess not much, but I don't know about heat cycles for toys.

I hope we'll get more input from additional toy owners for you.
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