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We live in Belgium and some months ago we were talking about getting a dog. We started looking around at the different breeds and their characteristics and decided a poodle would be a good match for us.

We haven't yet had a dog in our family, but I grew up with a few dogs when I was a teenager (fox terriers). Our 4 kids (aged 10 - 13) all have limited experience with family's and friend's dogs, so they know how to behave around them. Our daughter is usually afraid of dogs since she got bitten by a malinois, but she is fine around well-behaveed dogs she knows well and she likes her friend's poodle, so she's familiar with the temperament. Since we're getting a 9,5 week old puppy in about a month, she can start with a small dog in the house and see it grow up.

The parents of our puppy are both very gentle dogs, seem pretty average size-wise, and the puppies are already being properly socialized, so that should be a good start.

We intend to start puppy classes at 12 or 13 weeks old, get them used to people, animals, traffic, ... and train obedience. To keep the dog challenged enough, there are a few options we're still considering. We aren't too fond of flyball, because I heard it can put a lot of strain on the joints of the bigger breeds. Apart from the usual play time and taking him for walks and/or jogging, there are clubs in the neighbourhood that do agility, sheep herding and hunting dog training, so there should be something we like.
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