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First time dog owner -- help!

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My husband and I just brought home our toy poodle, Toby, 2 nights ago. We are kennel training him because we both work full time, so we just come home on our lunch break. the first night, he only whined for 1/2 an hour then slept through the night until 6:30 am.

Last night was miserable, though. He barked like crazy about every other hour. When I get him out of his kennel he is shaky and anxious ... and it is quite a fight to get him to go in there at all. He is happy as can be when he is with us and he is doing well with eating and potty training.

Are we doing what we should be? Any tips?
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What is your normal schedule with him when you get home?

I know time is limited on your lunk break, so he probably only has time to come out for a quick potty session...but try to take him for as long of a walk as you can in that time to help him release some energy.

I know you haven't had him long but its not too soon to get him used to a routine. I would recommend coming home, taking him on another walk before you give him some off leash play time where it is fenced and safe for him. I would feed him soon thereafter...and maybe a bit of training like for sit or down after his potty break.

Just remember to let him rest for a while after eating so his stomach doesn't get upset...maybe that would be a good time to lay in his crate with the door open with a favorite toy.

I have found that my toy girls drive me nuts if they don't get at least one walk (but 2 or 3 is better) and some play time outside at least 2-3 times per day OTHER than their potty breaks.

I know its a lot of work but he is young and has tons of energy for short amounts of time...in a few months he will settle into your routine and will take to the crating easier as well!
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