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So Desmond had his very first official, (and successful) playdate! I arranged to meet with my close friend's neighbor's beagle that she cares for a lot. We met up at a little fenced park area near my house (I didn't even know about it, haha. New regular spot for me and Des though, definitely).

He had a blast!! This is so surprising to me because he usually acts terrified of other playful dogs, but Cookie wasn't in his face at all and was really fun.

Here are a few captures from his crazy day. Cookie would dart around the field and he would chase her, and then they started digging. They tried to eat the dust, but ended up sneezing out little clouds. It was hilarious. xD Cookie got covered in dust because she rolled around in it, but Desmond just had it all over his face and arms.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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