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First night home!

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Leah did great in her crate! Mocha cried for a long long time. Mama caved bc a long drive from NC wears a person out. Their crates are in different rooms. this morning I have put their food bowls in their crates and moved the crates out to the living room. With the hope that they would go in and out bc the crates are more available than in the bedrooms...thoughts?
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Remember it’s all brand new and kinda scary for them. I set the crate up in the kitchen. First night went great. Second night Buck, the puppy, cried and cried and my softhearted husband gave him the run of the tiled kitchen. No more tears, but a few accidents to clean up. I had to retrain the crate. At least we were able to sleep. Twice as hard with two, I imagine.
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