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You certainly did do well for a first try!!! And as you know with the schnauzers, the hair will grow back and you'll get more chances to try again! Actually, poodles coats grow quicker than a sch too usually... heh.

As for HOW often to brush, it really depends a lot on the length of the coat, but also on the TYPE of coat itself. Generally very soft coats mat up quickly and easily, and would need much more regular and thorough combing to keep knot-free. It can vary though, I've had soft-coated poodles that while they were tangled, the tangles came *right* out under the blow drier so it was never an issue! lol.

But really, the only way is to keep ontop of the combing for now, and see just how long it does take for the tangles to start forming.

I brush out Paris once a week, by then her chest is forming tangles, but they brush out easily and I'm not obsessing about growing her coat at the mo! She has several inches of coat though, and her belly & sides are very soft, whereas her neck & back are coarser and rarely tangle in a week unless she's been wearing a collar... Also note that when I brush her only once a week, I do it *thoroughly* and go over every inch of her, and it takes about a half hour.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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