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Today I was FINALLY able to touch the dremel to Mitch's nails while it was on!!
It took about a week of touching his nail with it off and lots of treats, but he was a good boy! He pulled away a bit, but it wasn't a scared flighty pull, just a "I'm not a fan of this" pull away. He was sooo good, and I hope Matrix will start to come around...he is a scaredy dog, and will not let me touch him with the dremel even when it is off...
I didn't want to let the dremel session turn ugly, so I didn't make much/any progress on his talons, but they're going to be groomed next week, so his nails will get clipped a bit and then I can make them all round and smooth!!!

Yay Mitchy!!
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WooooHoooo!!! Slow and right beats fast and wrong! Just keep plugging along and pretty soon the dremel will be a non-event! Good job!
Yay!! :)
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