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Finally going to the snow! Any tips?

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I'm bringing towels etc. for drying her off. Anything else I should know? Any suggestions for getting her to go to the bathroom in the snow? I'm thinking she may resist this.

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She may surprise you and love the snow! Even my little guy is wild about snow. They both race around digging their faces in it. It's pretty fun to watch!

You can shovel a nice level spot for her to go to the bathroom. My Hubby always does this for our little guy. If there isn't too much snow you can even use a broom and get down to the grass.

I find the biggest problem is the snow balls that they get on the hair at the bottom of their legs. Those are annoying. Both dogs tend to chew them off on their own. I don't know what to really do about them besides taking all the leg hair off... With the horses we spray olive oil on the bottom of their hooves to keep the snow balls off. I wonder if that would work. Would probably be messier than the snow :)
We live with snow 4 months a year and all our dogs over the years have loved the first snow each year, they think it was put there just to play in. No body seems to mind bathroom breaks in the snow either so I've never done anything to take the snow down, even my mom's Maltese doesn't care but she loves to tear through it with great delight. But yes they all get snowballs on feet and legs and yes they come in and pull it out themselves. You can also dip their feet in warm water & dry them if you don't want little snowballs all over the place. Lola the Maltese wears coats that have a belly covering since she's so close to the ground but she won't wear boots and seems to be just fine.
Both my toy poodles love the snow but the downside is that the whole obedience thing goes out the window. They get snow balls right up their legs, so I exercise them just before we are coming home from the stable and dunk them in the shower when we get home.

I'm about to splash out and buy them Hurta waterproof fleece overalls. I hope they do the trick - they cost enough!!!!
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