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Finally, a picture of Winnie

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Here is the only pic of Winnie I've managed to get where she doesn't just look like a giant black cotton ball.
I think she'd look better with face and feet shaved but I think she has only been to a groomer twice.
We're taking it slowly to get her accustomed to grooming. I've been brushing her daily and I took about half the hair out of her ears last night. She was very good about it, acted like it wasn't comfortable but she didn't put up a fight. She had a LOT of hair in there and I didn't want to stress her too much and get her to the point where she would fight me.
I am not overly familiar with a poodle coat. How does hers look? She is very, very soft, the kind of dog you just LOVE to touch but her coat doesn't seem very shiny to me. (Maybe its the 3 baths this week?)


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