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Female Silver Toy?

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We are still looking for a healthy and outgoing lil Angel to spoil! Thank you for any leads!
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lpw have you done a google search for facebook accounts? i noticed forest ridge and koehl's. i can't vouch for them, but i think forest ridge breeds for whites and silvers. not sure about koehl's.
another breeder of silver toys i remembered, g8rcreek poodles. i can't offer a personal recommendation, but she does have a web site.
i dont know where you are from but joan scott and paul redding are my suggestions, barbara burdick was mine but she unfortunately passed
Thank you Steve and Patk for the leads. I am trying to find a 1-2 yr silver toy girl. You are kind to give me leads. I'm in NV.
If interested in a boy, the cutest silver boy is available in northern Utah. Chevanny is the kennel name I believe. I think she has a fb page? I know her personally and she is a wonderful lady, and I have seen her post about the darling boy on her fb. She considered showing him but thinks he will be slightly oversize. I think he is over 6 months old now.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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