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Feeling Like a Bad Mom

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Clark is nearly 10 months old.
He is displaying some unusual behavior which can be attributed to adolescence.
He has started crying in his crate at night and he has also been pooping in the house.

Prior to this point in Clark's life, he stopped eliminating in the house when we began to teach him to go outside. He also did not cry in his crate at all.

I was thinking that perhaps Clark needs more exercise. The only problem is that the weather has been extremely hot recently. Our vet has warned us about outdoor exercise due to Clark's tiny size of 3.8. We have also been advised to wait until Clark is 1 years old before fixing him because he is so little. He isn't marking or humping so waiting has not been an issue so far.

I feel like such a bad mom. I was so smug because I had a practically perfect puppy and now he's acting up. Maybe it's because I have never had a dog before so I am making stupid mistakes. Help!
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