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Feeding RAW to a puppy

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I have looked through over 30 pages of this section and used the search function but cant find the answer so I do appologise if it is there and I missed it.

I am hoping to get a miniature poodle puppy this year (April time) and am seriously considering a RAW diet for him.

I would of course feed the food the breeder recomended for a while until the puppy had settled in etc but was wondering if it is safe to feed RAW to a puppy as I do not want to risk any growth problems or anything during this crucial stage.

I would want to do the best for my dog, is feeding a 100% natural packaged food best to start (such as nature diet or natures menu which is 60% meat with veg and rice etc as the other 40%) and then moving on to RAW when they are older better or is it ok to start out with RAW.

I would want to feed chicken wings and necks, minced chicken/beef/lamb with bone, miced tripe along with chunks of meat too and some organ meat, (I have the Ian Billinghurst book Give your dog a bone and a few other raw food books too)

I want to know if you guys recomend it for a puppy though as I would hate to cause growth problems or deformaties due to me doing it wrong....
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Our PWD was weaned onto raw food by her breeder and has eaten it ever since. She's grown up very healthy and is now 4 years old! She actually sees kibble as a treat on the rare occasions that she has it, as for her it's like cookies.

Anyway, I don't have a huge amount of knowledge about raw feeding as it's my mom who does it, but I do know it's fine for puppies.
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