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Welcome to the PF February 2020 Photo Contest!

We have one category this month, and our theme is Poodle Love, in celebration of Valentine's Day. 馃挅 Your photo(s) of love is completely up to your interpretation.

It's how your poodle shows you love, how you show it love, love between your poodle(s) with each other or other pets or family. Showing love is not only about hugs and kisses. It can be guarding the door, shopping with it for toys, driving to the store with your ride or die poo, taking a walk, playing in the park, hogging up your spot as it waits for you in bed, going to the vet, etc.

You may enter up to three photos on this thread. Please provide the name(s) of your poodle or poodle mix.

* Edit on 2/15: The entry deadline has been extended! Entries are accepted thru the end of Monday 2/17/2017! *

The Voting Poll will begin on Tues 2/18 on a new thread (to be announced), and run one week, followed by Awards and Screensaver Gifts for the top two entries. Join us!

Good luck, contestants!
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