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The upside of February is it's known for love and happy endings. This month we have two categories to choose from:[/I]

1) Poodle Love - 1 to 2 photos of your poodle or poodle mix where it is doing something that you love about him or her. It could be as simple as a favorite pic that makes your heart smile, or with other dogs or pets or adults/kids. If you submit more than one photo they will voted on as a group.

2) Tell A Fairy Tale Day - Credit to Rose n' Poos for introducing me to Fun Holidays (link).
Here, "set your imagination free" and give us a simple story with 1 to 5 photos about your poodle's inner fairy tale.

Submit your February Contest photos on this thread. Entries are accepted thru Saturday, February 16th at 11:59 pm East Coast time or 8:59 pm West Coast time. The Voting Poll begins early Sunday morning and will run one week.

Here are the simple rules and categories this month, so please read carefully.

a) You may enter only one category.

b) Please include the name of your poodle or poodle-mix in your entry submission.

c) You may remove your entry at any time within an hour before the Voting Poll is posted on Sunday, to photo edit, photo shop or tweak it, or to use another photo instead in the same category, or to switch categories with something different.

d) Ideally we need at least three entries in each category to make our contest competitive.

Good luck, candidates, and have fun!

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A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there were four brothers born in a small village. Although very young, one brother had already left to seek his fortune and one had decided to stay home and look after their parents as they grew older. The other two didn't really know what they were going to do until two giants came along and said "Come live with us in a faraway city. You will be loved and go on many adventures and live like kings."

In their country, giants are almost always nice so they talked it over with their mother and father, and the lady giant spoke with their mother also. She promised their mother that they would be well looked after and that they would be loved as if they were the giants own children.

So off they went to the faraway city and they did have many adventures, travelling across the country, meeting other people like themselves and other giants, loved and living like kings, just as they were promised and they lived happily ever after.


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A fairy tale:

Once upon a time there was a lad named Matisse who was very hungry and had no parents. So he went to work in one of those miserable Victorian work houses in England. He wasn't fed enough but scraped by. But oh...he had to work so very hard until his knuckles bled and his ribs and clavicle protruded. One day he brought his bowl back for seconds and asked the cruel person who ran the work house, "Please sir...could I have some more?" With that, this mean person raised a club to strike the young lad but he dodged it and ran. He escaped and raced through the woods, across the river he swam until he lay breathless and spent on the opposite bank. There, a beautiful princess was riding her glistening, black horse and found this young poodle lad named Matisse. Simone, the beautiful princess with long, flowing hair scooped him up into her saddle and carried him to her castle where she fed him the most delicious meals, bathed and coiffed his hair every day, groomed him to be the handsome and revered lord he came to be. He was her constant love and she his. She and all the kingdom loved him and he lived happily forever after.

In fact... he was over the moon with joy when Princess Simone brought him a new toy...a demure black poodle named Maurice. Maurice was very amiable and just went along with the flow so nicely. He decided he'd accept the invitation to live there at Simone's castle and become her second poodle to love and behold. The two lads came to be like brothers and Maurice was sad to hear about poor Matisse's former life.

Maurice was the aristocratic son of the King of England. When he told his father, Henry how viciously Matisse was treated, his father, the King had the workhouse's boss beheaded. Permanently!

Maurice, being an aristocrat, needless to say, needed to be bathed and coiffed. But he resented and fought the former life forced on him...a life of a fop. He did not see himself as a dandy. So a plain bath and hair cut was all he wanted. And Princess Simone went along with this.

By the by, Matisse began to loose his foppishness and dressed like a regular boy once Maurice's ways rubbed off on him.

The two lads went on many adventures together and Prince Maurice loved going in the surrey with the fringe on top and the crab boat with Simone and Lord Matisse any chance he got. This new, fulfilled and loving family lived happily ever after in Simone's castle.


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A Prince Zephyr Tale

Once there was a handsome, debonair young Prince named Zephyr, who thought he was just the coolest Poodle who ever was. Unfortunately, he had no sweet young Princess to share his life with. One day he looked around and--Wow!--there she was! She was everything he could have hoped for, but she looked at him like she couldn't see how cool he was. So he found a big bouquet of red roses and brought it to her, and then she realized what a that he was the one for her.

They lived happily ever after.


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I couldn鈥檛 do two posts, so I am including my poodle with his love girl, and my poodle/Pomeranian mix in the other photo. Everybody is spayed and neutered. Figured I鈥檇 better not leave it at his 鈥渓ove girl鈥, lol.

The poodle is Zekefur, the terrier mix is Dory

Poodle/Pomeranian mix is Stella

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