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Fancifaire Poodle lines?

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I was wondering if anyone know's of this old poodle bloodline or breeder. I know a lady that has a fancifair poodle that she bred once and she may repeat a breeding eventually. I looked at the pups but honestly couldnt decide on a pup. The parents where beautiful and really balanced. I decided to wait and ended up taking a pup from another litter that didnt work out.

Anyhow, I just wanted to see if anyone knew of the lady that started this line, details about the pedigree or dogs and etc. I heard from one breeder that she had some beautiful dogs and was well respected. I really havent asked around but thought I better just incase she repeats the breeding in the future.

Any input on Fancifaire Poodles or pics?

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I've got a couple pics, since they are in the background of my poo's.


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That second picture is odd like photoshopped. Wonder why it's photoshopped?
That second picture is odd like photoshopped. Wonder why it's photoshopped?
LOL, I thought that too
The handler's expression is also pretty funny too lol
I can really see the fancifair in her stud male then. Fancifaire poodles had some nice bone! Thats one thing I wish I could find more of in some lines. Im not into the thin bone on poodles but enough so they look well balanced.

I think the photoshopped pic is off a website possibly. Ive seen people alter pics like that for their site. I guess they think its catchy. These pics are old since this poodle line hardly exsist.

Thanks for the pics!
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