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Nickel had this yellowish/greenish discharge on his left eye so I took him to the vet and was given some Gentamycin eye drops. After using it for 3 days, the yellowish/greenish discharge cleared but I continued to apply it to his eyes for 7 days as instructed.

One thing I recognized is that: His left ear is very dirty with this rustic-colored dirt while the other ear is super clean.

Yesterday I started seeing this yellowish discharge at the corner of his left eye again. And at the same time, I found his left ear to be very dirty with this rustic-colored wax thingy. Again, the other ear is all clean and dry. [I just cleaned both ears 4 days ago]

Is this a coincidence? Or is this an indicator of some kind of problem?

p.s. He doesn't scratch his ear nor does he shake his head.
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