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I've seen multiple posts in this forum of people allergic and as someone who suffers from dog allergies, it's very concerning.

I thought I'd be okay with poodles because I'm okay with the "hypoallergenic" dogs I've met (westie, havanese, and shih tzu). I didn't get hives from petting these dogs, and I didn't get breathing problems from being near them either.

I only had short interactions with these dogs, though. The longest has been a few hours in a havanese house and I was completely okay. I'm worried that living with a dog will be a different story.

On the other hand, I would constantly have sleepovers with a friend whose dog (dachshund) I was very allergic to. It sucked to have constant allergies, but I learned to bear it. I'm also hoping that if I am allergic to poodles, exposure over time will help. If all else fails, I may visit an allergist, but I'm not sure if insurance covers that.

I would really, really love to have a poodle but I'm worried about potential allergies. Does anyone have experience with poodle allergies, or a lack thereof if you're allergic to other dogs?
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