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It sounds like your starting to think too much of a good thing can be no bueno. I think your on the right track.

It's good in small doses... They'll need time apart. Not together all the time... like a 1 hour playdate on the weekend. There's a lot of parallels between being furparents and child parents. If you think back in elementry and you got together with your best friend for a sleep-over on the weekend. It was just for one day, not the whole week. It drove one set of parents bonkers and gave the other parents a break.

My friend Max and I were terrible when we played together. Max had ADHD lol. Our parents were always telling us to settle down in the car. Huge messes. Just going from zero to 100 all the time. Someone was always getting hurt, as boys do. Things were broken all the time. Tried to pull all-nighters.

You gotta try and regulate them as puppies. Same idea.
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