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I agree that it is good to interrupt them when they start getting over-amped.

My boys Pogo and Snarky were littermates. I spent a lot of time training them separately and then together. I would start by teaching each dog a trick separately. After they were pretty good at the trick, usually a few days, I would bring them together and make them take turns doing the trick. Snarky would have to sit & wait while Pogo shook paws and got his treat. Pogo would then have to sit & wait while Snarky shook paws and got his treat. Neither dog got to do his trick until both dogs were sitting focused on me.

These paired training sessions taught them several useful things, including
  • Reduced competition for treats, because each dog knew how to earn a treat. The treat came from performing his trick correctly on my command, not from sucker punching a sibling
  • Focus on me instead of being distracted by a sibling
  • Wait patiently; your turn will come
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