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One thing I've noticed in my two years as a PF member is nearly all uploaded photos of poodles are either indoors, in a yard, or nature areas with grass, trees, flowers, and water in the background. Then there are portrait shots and athletic or show events. This is a trend with general poodle photos on the Internet. Many show off our poodles at home or pretty places, which is understandable.

So this month, one of the three winning categories for our July photo contest is City Poodles. These will have buildings or landmarks of a city or town. I took screenshots of the photos below off of a YouTube video to give you all an example of other interesting shots you can take of your poodle either for your own albums and/or for this month's contest. Makes for an interesting contrast.

City Poodle in Chicago:

City Poodle in Detroit:

City Poodle in San Francisco, has an interesting contrast of wealth with homelessness:

City Poodle in San Francisco waiting for Trolley:

City Poodle in a Landmark Photo - Niagara Falls:

I'm particularly excited about the City Poodles category, but there are two other categories for this month's contest which are Country/Rural Poodles, and Fashion Poodles. Come check it out at this PF link, and hopefully join in this month with your photo(s).

~ Vita
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