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Even more Atticus pictures

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Sorry I've been flooding you guys with Atticus pictures...here's more! haha. I'm in love with him, I cant even remember life without him and I've only had him a week and a half!

I bought the tiniest sized tennis ball and he cant pick it up, its about the size of his head! haha. Its his favorite toy though, its always the first one he picks out of his toy box.

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Awww!! :)
Y'know we bought mini-sized tennis balls for our cats that would probably be a perfect size for such a tiny puppy. You could try those if you want a tennis ball he can hold.
He's so cute, I can hardly stand it! I'm so glad you joined and I get to watch him grow up now.
Oh yeah get cat toys! They are cheaper than puppy toys too! Petedge has a big sale on toys right now, you should check it out.
He is such a sweetie!! Keep the pictures coming!
I don't think I have seen anything as sweet as him, and his name just suits him to a T!
I think I'm in love with him too, and I haven't even met him!
These pictures are priceless! Try looking at Walmart for some of the pet toys. Alot of times they have a clearance section.
Well, we can't get enough of Atticus' pictures, so keep them coming. He is adorable. Those eyes!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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