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Enzo Is a Lion !

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My sister told me a funny story the other day about when she was walking Enzo. She said she was approached by a Women with two 2-3 year old kids in a scroller. The woman stopped and asked my sister why kind of dog etc... and was showing her kids. Why did her kids keep calling him a Lion and when she tried to explain to them it was a dog they both looked at her if as she was :bird: lol I wish I was there to see her kids faces.
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Ahh, that's cute. I know your sister already has this year's costume figured out, but for next Halloween Enzo could be the lion from the Wizard of Oz and your sister could be Dorothy!
That is a good Idea too lol I am not sure if she is set on the 1800"s theme but I will fly this one by her today :D
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