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English Saddle clip

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I am wondering if anyone has any really good photos of poodles in the english saddle. I want to try something more challenging than the continetal at some point with my girl Jazz. I have the awsome poodle grooming book, Poodle clipping and grooming but the pictures of the trims are drawings. I am much better at looking at an actual photo and re-creating than doing a trim from a drawing. Of course there are detailed intructions in the book but I'm very visual. I just wanted to see a side view photo. So far the show photos I'm able to find are not profile shots, they dogs are facing slightly into the camera so I can't see the little half moon spot clipped into the side.

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I found these pictures, its difficult to find photos of the ES let alone good photos!

http://prestigegroomingacademy.com/Images/Gallery_Pic41.jpg (you can barley see the half moon)

Alot of them look like they don't have the half moon, I can't remember if that's optional?
Yay, another ES fan!

Actually, I think your best bet for seeing some really nice ES trims are old breed books like "Poodles in Particular": They really knew how to do that clip beautifully in the 30s,40s and 50s. The pix shown on the groomingacademy link were a little too poofy as far as the leg bracelets went - check out the oldtimers for some seriously classy looking poodles!
here's a pic from a local show here.... it's a big pic so should be of some use!
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