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Sam has never done anything to embarass me, but speaking of dogs coming into your house. When we were moving into our house I was in the kitchen unpacking dishes and I had left the slider open to the deck. I turned around and there was a dog standing in the middle of the kitchen staring at me. LOL!! Our deck is a good 9 or 10' above the ground, I couldn't believe a dog would come all the way up there and let himself in. I shooed him out and never did find out who he belonged to. That was our first introduction to this neighborhood where people let their dogs out their front doors in the morning and just let them run. My pet peeve! My hubby got trapped in the garage by another neighbor's rotty snarling at him, he had to back up and push the door opener and hope she stayed outside. She's harmless but he still doesn't trust her. Needless to say we had the back yard fenced in before we even finished unpacking.
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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