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Eddie’s commands/ Vocabulary

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Eddie’s commands
I didn’t find Eddie until he was 3 months old, but started immediately training him, as he had no training.
First was
  1. Outside; Bathroom outside he learned to use his kennel as a bathroom 😳 it took me 2 nights to figure that out, so i put his kennel outside and locked the door. He would pace around the kennel not relieving himself because he couldn’t get inside, that took a couple of days to show him where to go to the bathroom. once that was clear, I open the door of his kennel only long enough for him to get water and a treat, which change his knowledge of what his kennel was for.
He house trained in 3 sleepless night but well worth it, easier to train, then un- train where the bathroom is
  1. Here; come sit at my feet
  2. Stay; until you are
  3. Released
  4. Just a noise; at the start i would sit outside during thunderstorms with Eddie in my lap and keep him calm “ it’s okay, just a noise” so now storms don’t concern him, plus other sounds that get him alerted are handle with “just a noise”
  5. Heel; from the beginning off lease backyard with treats, heel
  6. Go Fast Eddie Go; I do have a large backyard, but the pool takes up a lot and because I was absolutely “never getting a dog again!” my whole backyard is gardens, pathways, sitting areas. Eddie need free exercise so i would trot along the pathways with Eddie close behind repeating “Go Eddie Go” he learned very fast and now at 17 months old it’s a game and a great release of energy “Go Eddie Go, Fast Eddie!” He takes off like a rocket down the paths, around the pool and garage, change direction.. around he goes and then back to me so proud of himself “ Fast Eddie!” So when I’m tired, but he needs to exercise “Go Eddie Go!”
  7. Lay
  8. Stand
  9. Center; this is a safe place if out in public and I feel the need. Eddie’s heel is to the left of me, “center” he comes around on the right side goes between my legs and sits where his butt is directly under me, if I’m sitting he comes under my legs and lays
  10. Leave it; means just that for anything, walking and a squirrel runs by, No reaction, leave it! Something on the ground, leave it! That’s mine not yours, leave it! Guests drops food on the ground, leave it!
  11. Calm; simply calm down
  12. Calm, Be cool; full intact male excitement, put it away and calm down… Eddie does understand the difference.
  13. Enough; sometimes the excitement of a situation tires to get the best of him “enough” along the lines of focus
  14. Now; just that right now, stop considering, do it!
  15. Focus; keep eye contact for commands, sometimes he wants to do what’s next before the command… focus wait for my command used mostly when we play find
  16. Find; play time, during bad weather or I’m tired, this game works his mind, which makes a big difference. “Eddie do you want to play find?” Set the mood, lay down, pick one of his many toys, ask him to smell, stay i’ll start by touching the toy on the ground here and there as I make my way through house to hide( not hard at first) hide the item. Eddie Focus, find! He loves the game, does great i hide in cabinets, closets, drawers i even Scattered all his toys in one room and put this toy in with the rest, and yes he picked that toy, dropped it at me feet and sat for his reward, if in a cabinet or closet he stands and waits for me to ask is it there and he confirms with his nose for me to open so he can retrieve.
  17. Around; i have a 30’ lease for more of a free walk, walking Eddie in a woodsy area can be difficult, i have taught him to look for me for directions. I quiet whistle for attention and a point of direction is all it takes, if a tree comes between us “come around, go around “ makes it no issue. He corrects not me. Now when we walk he’s constantly looking for me for direction and if a tree comes between sometimes he’ll correct without help. Also around mud, water, ect.
  18. Eddie have a even larger vocabulary, and Loves to communicate and understand, i love that I can take him anywhere and he’s happy and Continue to stay with the guidelines and I’m relaxed and enjoying time with him and the people around us are happy as well. Oh and when Eddie is on a leash, no bathroom unless I bring it up and give the “go to the bathroom “ command, need while traveling. This will stop a-lot of problems having a good peaceful well behaved walk.
All verbal commands.. or at least most can be done with the hand command silent !
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Highly recommended to have in the vocabulary in any form
Awesome training. I will have to check out the whistle recall for real life situations. This is one of the most important things that every dog owner can teach. I am also going to put my 2 cents in for having an emergency stay. Imagine that the dog crosses a road and makes it to the other side. If the road is busy I think it is better if you can get the dog onto a down stay so you can safely cross to collect said dog. I talk about both to novice class members and to private clients.
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I practiced my emergency recall in a high pitched terrified voice, because I knew Noelle and Francis might not recognize my voice in an emergency. To train an emergency recall, get a super treat, leftover meat chunks work well for this. Call your dog using a different cue than come. I use Come NOW! They hear that, think meat chunks, and spin around. I keep my dogs on leashes, but in case they escape the yard, that's my emergency cue.

In an area with wildlife, use a long line, or even a long piece of clothesline with knots in it at various intervals so you can step on it in an emergency.
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Both members quoted are CPDT-KA at a minimum.
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