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Eating Dirt...?

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So last night moose woke us up hacking up a lung (ok not really) but it sounded that bad. Like had a hair ball or a twig that wouldn't come up/out of his throat. He did it about 5 different times, and yacked up dark blackish dirt and a couple twigs, as if he'd drank a TON of water and dirt. Fast forward to 8am and we hear something funny going on in his crate... he's standing there pee`n like nothing is wrong. :eek: He's NEVER peed in his crate even when he was a puppy he'd bark to let out, NEVER even thought about it, and here he is almost 1 1/2 just letting it go. We yell at him, open the door and he runs out and pees some more, walks around back to the door and throws up again on the door step, a twig and more brown stuff.

While outsid he also pooped it was very similiar color as his throw-up.

Could he just have eaten a BUNCH of dirt? It was very gritty.

Should I give him a lot of water?

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He got into fertilizer. Waiting to see what vet wants to do.
Oh my goodness!! Is he ok? Is the fertilizer toxic?? Hope Moose is back to health soon! Keep us posted!
Fertilizer is non-toxic.

The problem is that it causes them to throw-up and have diarrhea, and if it doesn't stop within 24 hours they need med. to make it stop or they could dehydrate and die.

We took him in they gave him antibiotics due to digestive wipe-out and clean the bad stuff introduced, I think it's standard for stomach issues. They also gave him some med to prevent barfing.

AND instead of keeping him over night on an IV they gave him it under the skin, probably 2 or 3 cups on his neck/back where all that extra skin is.

WOW, he looked like a camel!! I wish I had a picture but we had to leave after we had it done it was HILARIOUS.

Also right after this medicine and injection he was happy and ready to play again!! Amazing!

He's still tired, and we can only feed him 1 meatball size of special food a couple times a day.

They said he should be almost back to normal tomorrow.

He really iritated his colone and it was putting blood into his poopys too.

In the end moose will be ok, and our wallet was only hit for ~$250 so Moose and parents are happy :)
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Dogs bounce back amazingly well. Congrats on his full recovery!
There are lots of different ways to train a dog. One successful method is positive reinforcement. There are other methods too. While you might not agree with them all, every dog is different and every dog responds to types of training differently.

Anyone watch Greatest American Dog? Galaxy is one of the most amazing dogs ever and adores his owner. His owner didn't believe in treats yet had a dog that respected him and would put most dogs to shame. I don't train that way but its hard to doubt his methods with that kind of perfect behavior.
We don't train with treats, either -- we mostly use positive reinforcement with the tone of our words or scratches. I am starting to come to the belief that you have -- that no one training method is best, but that different dogs respond to different methods.
Oh I am so glad Moose is ok! He is such a great dog!
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