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Easter Poodles

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oh wow, you shaved him off!!!! Awww!!!! Cute colours
LOL!! Love it!! They look great!
London is such a cutie. I saw that you'd gotten rid of all of his puppy fuzz! He looks adorable though.
Yep I shaved him because I had an accident with using a strong shampoo on him and his hair got weak and brittle, and started pulling off, OOPS!

Anyways since I've been shaving him down it's now even thicker than before. Now we are just waiting for more curl I hate puppy fuzz lol!

He looks like he has a hack job I know actually they both do but I'm not touching them until their hair is super long again :)

I made the mistake of shaving everything (literally) off my female months ago to get rid of all her baby hair once and for all, and yeah we are still growing back...
I love all the colors everyone uses on their pups. I'd dye Nat, but at 15 it would probably seem cruel at this point LOL. Wish I'd discovered it earlier though!
Way too cute. I just love the bright colors.
The colors look really nice. What did you use?
I used food coloring, just like dyeing easter eggs, I used a mixture of food coloring, water, and apple cider vinegar (which is good for their skin/fur)
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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