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Hello All,

Yesterday I took my puppy in to be groomed and she plucked his ears. He'd had it done before but he didn't react this way. She said she put some sort of liquid in there and he would be shaking his head for a couple of days until he got it all out. I can't even lift his ears to look at them without him pulling away.

Last night and today he doesn't want anyone to touch his ears at all for any reason. He acts like he doesn't feel good and has just been kind of mopey since I picked him up. He's not shaking his head nearly as much today as he was yesterday.

Is it possible that they are just sore from plucking or should I be concerned? Would it be ok to give him a baby aspirin to help alleviate some of the soreness?

He's just not his usual boisterous self and I'm beginning to be a little worried. He's eating and drinking fine and potties fine so no worries there.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Is the vin/alc mix better than getting an "ear cleaner"? Do you fill the ear up and let them shake it out?? I've been using these "ear wipes" but I don't think they can really get it all since they can only go where my fingers can! Been looking for a good gentle but get the job done ear cleaner :)
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