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I am having a bit of trouble finding a good groomer here.
So far my dog has come back with cuts from too close shearing.
These people seem not to be able to handle a full size poodle.
Mostly I see they groom the very small dogs.
My standard poodle is quite large and very strong so maybe they can't hold him still enough.
I watched one groomer clearing excess hair from his ears and he seemed to just use resin for grip and yank the hair out.
If you could let me know the name of the powder, I will make a try at using it.

Just any form of ear powder for dogs. I usually pick mine up at petsmart or what ever petstore Im near. It's in the shampoo/grooming supply section. This should work and its normal for Poodles to get a lot of hair by a month. Good luck! :lashes:
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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