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Would you ever consider buying a puppy from a breeder thats producing standard poodles AND "labradoodles"?

I personally detest the word "labradoodle" so I fondly refer to Neko ((our "labradoodle")) as a lab/poodle mix

But could a breeder who is producing these mutts still be considered a good breeder, if their standard poodles are AKC champions and what not?
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it is Olie, she has BEAUTIFUL dogs ((as we can tell by yours ^_^ ))
shes really nice and willing to answer all my [slightly annoying] questions :D

and I think that if I qualify for her as a good home, i'd love to have one of her pups any day! =]]
She's pretty awesome just talked to her this evening - She cares about dogs ALL dogs that goes a long way with me:)
I just got done sending her an email and she is crazy friendly
I really admire that in a breeder xD

she is at the TIPPY top of my list ((that doesn't really consist of many others))
81 - 82 of 82 Posts
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