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Would you ever consider buying a puppy from a breeder thats producing standard poodles AND "labradoodles"?

I personally detest the word "labradoodle" so I fondly refer to Neko ((our "labradoodle")) as a lab/poodle mix

But could a breeder who is producing these mutts still be considered a good breeder, if their standard poodles are AKC champions and what not?
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I think thats a great way to look at it Spoospirit :D
people want what they want, there isn't anything we can do to stop it =]]

for some reason though I have this barricade in my mind that I just can't get over
...barricade ...

-Why would someone pay the same amount for a mixed breed when the SAME breeder is selling "purebred" standards for the same price?-

so...on to a further question
do you think that someone producing this mixes might lose the quality of their poodles?
This one get's me- why on earth wouldn't you just get a poodle??
the breeder I was looking at 5 minutes ago
as some GORGEOUS parti coloured standards...I scroll up the page and BAM labradoodles for the EXACT same price as her standards

it like crushed me because I was actually opening my email to start writing to her...but when I saw that...no way v.v;
I could understand that point,
I did cross those breeders off my list xD

poor Neko ((our lab/poodle)) was a throw away
this woman thought breeding her standard to a lab was a BRILLIANT idea and a HUGE money maker
she never thought of the care that goes into raising a litter of puppies, so Neko was thrown into a shelter then adopted and thrown into another shelter...a few times until we saved him ^_^ ((one home thought they could breed him to their mongrel for "cuter" pups...who all ended up in the same shelter he was in))
it was REALLY sad, Neko was in a horrible state when we got him
but hes flourished in our home
hes all clean and curly now ^_^
and Elphie just adores him ((and he her : D ))
so it all worked out for him
speaking of yelling xD
I sat watching Animal Planet yelling this evening v.v;

They were BRAGGING about their mutts =\
and the "experts" were like...condoning it
"All the best qualities of the poodle and lab :D"
I yelled at the screen during that part too!!!
asthma...so they went with a "2nd generation labradoodle"
I was like Elphie...some people SOME PEOPLE >:O
she looked at me like I was retarded v.v;

I know a family in our neighborhood who have standards ((the standards that made NEED one xD))
their daughter BOUGHT a labradoodle and almost broke this poor old couples heart xDD
they were over to our house the other night for dinner and they were complaining about her "mutt of a dog" lol

compared to Elphie, neko is WAY more mellow...but I don't know if thats more of where he came from or the "breed"
exactly spoospirit
its like a shot in the dark with those things
on the show tonight they were saying how they come in different coat varieties..."straight, wavy, and curly"
but I'm pretty sure they didn't mention the fact that you can't predict those coats at all =\
thats one of the things I love about poodles
you know what your getting coat wise, unless you buy from a crappy breeder ((like I did)) then again its a shot in the dark

the people on the show did say not to breed the "Designer Dogs" to one another
I may have been to involved yelling at the television to remember what they said would happen though xD
Cbrand thats what I was thinking of this particular breeder ((which is why I made this thread xDD))
price doesn't matter to me, but shes selling her doodles, and her standards with a $100 difference...thats absurd to me

and from being on this forum for the short period of time I have been...I've grown to detest breeders that breed these mixes =\

from what I've learned you should only breed a dog 2 maybe 3 times before retiring it from your breeding program...but I can't imagine these people stopping with only 2or3 litters

Marian: I like that show too xDD
my friend loves Pitties and has tried contacting that woman about adopting one of hers xDD
the last time I spoke to my friend ((a few weeks ago)) she hadn't been able to get in contact with anyone
...now I dunno how hard shes tried either
so it might not actually be TOO difficult to contact them xDD
I think if you're happy with your pup thats fantastic newpoodlemum :D
but I can understand where the breeders on the forum are saying that don't get it
if someone was to uphold the standard and were trying to make the breed better with every litter available to them
they would never breed lab's with poodles

its really informative to me how strong some feel FOR and against these animals

but from what I've seen every breeder I've found ((in Ohio, PA, WV, Ky, In)) who breeds poodles AND doodles none of them do any sort of agility, or show, they just have plastered everywhere "From CHAMPION pedigree's"

I sort of love the fact that with everyone on the forums help I've become this very scrupulous buyer who wants to know EVERYTHING ((in reason)) about the breeder and their goals
Exactly Cdnjennga
its more poodle then lab...and you're basically paying the same amount for the doodle that you would a poodle

I'm all for mutts being just as loveable as "purebred" dogs, but a dog without a good lineage isn't worth ((monetary)) the same as a purebred
I agree with you COMPLETELY
I sort of like that alot more people like these doodles then the real poodle
it makes my lil elphie just a BIT more special to me xDD
((as shallow as that may sound))

I don't want to sound like I'm bashing doodles though =\
I have one ((didn't pay $1500 for it though)) and I love how sweet and calm he is,
but I love the standard poodle so much
hands down...it will be one of the most constant dogs in my life
((maybe another breed thrown in...but ALWAYS a standard))
EXACTLY elphie wakes me up with a smile every morning
anytime I'm down I just play with Elphie for 5 minutes and I'm happier then anything xD
exactly Vacheron!
get a poodle or a wheaten
or...if you REALLY want a labradoodle adopt it from a shelter

I just can't imagine these people buying them from breeders =\
I think if my little sister had her way she would buy another doodle as a pup
Neko is her dog and she loves everything about him, but with my constantly harping in her ear she ((hopefully)) won't ever buy a doodle from a breeder

I'm trying to convince her poodles are far superior xD

Bigred, it is pretty shocking it crosses ALOT of breeders off my list
mainly the ones in my area
I can't find ONE breeder within a 150mi radius that breeds standards, that doesn't have at least one doodle they breed
most have labradoodles and goldendoodles, and who knows how many other concoctions in their kennels
haha HarleyChik Petfinder is amazing, it's how we got Neko and Scooter :D
I love that site I check it like every day hoping a standard poodle will come into a rescue near me so I can scoop it up xD

Other than Elphie, we haven't had a puppy puppy in our house since we were really little, so I think thats why shes trying to find a puppy
but I'm gently nudging her away from buying one from a breeder ((especially if she chooses that she wants another doodle))

Bigred: Its awful, I've googled "standard poodle breeders in ohio" and almost every site that came up had something to do with doodles ((or they weren't up to the quality I expect now))
so I'll probably have to drive a fair distance to get a puppy that meets my expectations
haha that does make me a little dense that it never even occured to me to check the poodle club site xDD
they have some pretty dogs, I'll send them an email :D
I've been contemplating a breeder in SC who has some gorgeous dogs

I'm actually really enjoying the puppy hunt more then I did when I got Elphie.
With her I got online, found a breeder no questions asked basically and bam, I had a puppy ((With some issues from the breeder))

but now I'm so excited about the hunt for the perfect breeder xD lol
thats so dorky
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