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Would you ever consider buying a puppy from a breeder thats producing standard poodles AND "labradoodles"?

I personally detest the word "labradoodle" so I fondly refer to Neko ((our "labradoodle")) as a lab/poodle mix

But could a breeder who is producing these mutts still be considered a good breeder, if their standard poodles are AKC champions and what not?
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No and No.

Good breeders will never allow that to happen. And what really makes me mad (not that you asked) but the prices doodle makers are making is huge even more than a well bred poodle!!! This one get's me- why on earth wouldn't you just get a poodle?? I think the poodle is under estimated or misunderstood is a better word and their reputation seem to be they are show dogs only and their hair grows in the clips people see - which we know is not true....that's my thoughts.:)

Don't get me wrong they are SO pretty, and would I have one if I didn't have four dogs, maybe but I would rescue or adopt. You can find them in shelters all over.
LOL!! My family loves SPORKS (the cross between a spoon and a fork!) I bought my daughter and my husband each one for Christmas last year - they made great stocking stuffers! :)

There was actually a cross-breed dog on our local online classifieds - it was a cross between a French Bulldog and a Shihtzu and you know what they call THAT cross!!!! :)
Well put! LMAO!!
exactly Vacheron!
get a poodle or a wheaten
or...if you REALLY want a labradoodle adopt it from a shelter

I just can't imagine these people buying them from breeders =\
Ditto - and with the recent show on AP there will be plenty to chose from:dazed:
they have some pretty dogs, I'll send them an email :D
I've been contemplating a breeder in SC who has some gorgeous dogs

I'm actually really enjoying the puppy hunt more then I did when I got Elphie.
With her I got online, found a breeder no questions asked basically and bam, I had a puppy ((With some issues from the breeder))

but now I'm so excited about the hunt for the perfect breeder xD lol
thats so dorky
If it's the one I was looking at in SC - she has some NICE silvers:)
it is Olie, she has BEAUTIFUL dogs ((as we can tell by yours ^_^ ))
shes really nice and willing to answer all my [slightly annoying] questions :D

and I think that if I qualify for her as a good home, i'd love to have one of her pups any day! =]]
She's pretty awesome just talked to her this evening - She cares about dogs ALL dogs that goes a long way with me:)
1 - 5 of 82 Posts
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