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Would you ever consider buying a puppy from a breeder thats producing standard poodles AND "labradoodles"?

I personally detest the word "labradoodle" so I fondly refer to Neko ((our "labradoodle")) as a lab/poodle mix

But could a breeder who is producing these mutts still be considered a good breeder, if their standard poodles are AKC champions and what not?
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I've got to agree I see no point to these doodle things and its insane the prices these people are getting for mutts. As well I have met a number of them when we are out walking our dogs and I have met VERY few doodles that were nice dogs. Most were ill behaved crazy mutts. Though I tend to blame the people for not training them better rather then the dogs.

I'm also sick to death of the slurs that so many doodle things make about poodles. Really a doodle is 1/2 or more poodle you would think they wouldn't choose to run down half of what their dog is. Not to mention if they really knew the temperament of a good poodle they would realize how insane they sound.
1 - 1 of 82 Posts
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