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Would you ever consider buying a puppy from a breeder thats producing standard poodles AND "labradoodles"?

I personally detest the word "labradoodle" so I fondly refer to Neko ((our "labradoodle")) as a lab/poodle mix

But could a breeder who is producing these mutts still be considered a good breeder, if their standard poodles are AKC champions and what not?
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I wouldn't buy from a breeder that produces both, nor would I want a stud that offers to breed to both. I was looking at the local classifieds and there was a standard stud who was advertising to make your perfect 'standard poodle, labradoodle, goldendoodle, springerdoodle or 'any other poodle hybrid.'"

They should've just said 'We'll breed to anything with four legs and a heat cycle.'
I once saw a mix between a soft coated wheaten and a standard poodle. It looked like a standard poodle without a haircut. Labradoodles and goldendoodles look like soft coated wheaten terriers. I agree with most people on the subject. Get a damn poodle. Or a wheaten terrier. They can come in two coat types, Irish coat which is thinner and silky, or the american coat, which is more curly and dense. At least you know what your going to get as far as coat and temperment goes. You don't with mix.
*Shiver* A wheaten is a groomers worst nightmare.. why would you ever mix those dogs?
1 - 2 of 82 Posts
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