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I wouldn't. I see doodle breeding as a cheap marketing ploy, UNLESS the dogs are being bred for purposes such as service dogs, working retrievers, etc specifically for their temperament and ability to perform the task. If they're just being bred to meet the current fad in dog breeding, I would never want to buy from them. If a breeder bred both poodles and doodles, I would be suspicious of their motivations and ethic, and I wouldn't want to buy from a breeder who I didn't fully trust their intentions.

I have nothing against doodles as dogs, I'm sure they make just as good a family pet as any other dog, but I do have something against people who advertise them as purebred, when they are not a breed and do not have a standard to adhere to. I don't understand the point in breeding a dog if you aren't going to try to meet an official breed standard... which doesn't exist yet. :wacko:
1 - 1 of 82 Posts
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