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Would you ever consider buying a puppy from a breeder thats producing standard poodles AND "labradoodles"?

I personally detest the word "labradoodle" so I fondly refer to Neko ((our "labradoodle")) as a lab/poodle mix

But could a breeder who is producing these mutts still be considered a good breeder, if their standard poodles are AKC champions and what not?
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I'm so glad I missed that episode of "Dogs 101!" I know two puggle owners and one rescued an adorable dog who was a total terror (and still is on occasion) the other bought a cute pup who grew up to be down right! Both are very much against intentionally breeding mixes now. Animal Planet's shows on purebreds are often innaccurate and feature unethical, high volume breeders. I can't stand that vet either. She's an idiot, who obviously has no problem speaking out on things she has no clue about. Anyone watch her on groomer has it? (I believe she specializes in cats anyway, so I can't understand why she's on television telling Lisa Leady of all people how to groom dogs.) Then there was "In the Dog House" which featured an abusive trainer. I'm pretty sick of AP in general. I've watched a few episodes of "Pitbulls and Parolees" and really like it, though. I think it's a very real show and nothing is sugar coated.

I would not buy from someone who breed mixes period! It's a matter of ethics for me. To say you are trying to better the breed and adhere to the standard, while producing "labradoodles" is the utmost in hypocrisy. I've yet to hear one legitimate reason for producing these mixes anyway. Anything they can do, a poodle can do better. Just b/c some people are unwilling to take a closer look at poodles and see their versatility, is no excuse for throwing Lab into the mix. Besides, many of the dogs are mostly Poodle anyway, the only difference is the haircut. We all know the real reason people breed mixes ($$$$).
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Too bad I get all my pets fixed... I could breed WEENERDOODLES!! Oh, never mind... Juliet and Lucy are both girls anyway... Oh and BTW I'm morally opposed to breeding mixes on purpose - so no worries... I just thought a weenerdoodle was a funny name! :)

(please don't anyone get any ideas!!) :doh:
Have you ever seen a "chiweenie"? Holy cow!!!!

Keith, you should direct your sis to Petfinder. All I can ever find on there are Poodle mixes and many are puppies.
UUUUUGGGGHHHHH! :( I love my Hannah-banana who is a mix of a mix of a mix of a mix - and I'm pretty sure most of her ancestors were products of accidental breedings (and she was a humane society acquisition) - I think it's ridiculous when people TRY to mix purebred dogs on purpose! And then find "catchy" names for them... I rescind my weenerdoodle suggestion... the "catchiest" name I want to hear from now on is "SPOO"!! :)
I think it's kinda neat to say we don't know for sure what he/she is. I think good old "Heinz 57s" are the best and you get to tell everyone you rescued/adopted a dog. My mom's dog (the family dog) is a Schnauzer mix and we have no idea what he is mixed with. He's been an awesome dog and is relatively healthy for a 14 yr old. (His eyesight isn't great and he has trouble getting going somedays.)
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