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Dogsitting leads to Misbehaved Dog

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I just got my miniature poodle 2 weeks ago, and we almost had him fully potty-trained, until we had to have him dogsat for a day. Once we brought him back home, he never goes where he is supposed to, and he refuses to go on walks. What is wrong with him??
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You should talk to the dog sitter about this,
Figure out how she trains, and if she attempted to train with your dog or did commands
If she corrected your dog [she chould have corrected way too hard or over corrected making ur dog scared of the leash?]

Could also be maybe the dog sitter is now viewed as more of an alpha then you?

But what ever it is you should really contact your dog sitter, but dont act worried or anything, don;t put her on the defensive just ask what she did with your dog, if she trained with him at all, if she crated him, then in the end after you get the information on what she did tell her that your dog is misbehaving suddently.
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