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Dogs Watching TV

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Does anyone have a dog that actually watches TV? With other dogs, they have heard the sounds and went looking out the window for the barking or familiar noise. Max literally watches the TV. I played some video of him at the dog park and he got excited and was glued to the screen. He kept sitting up on his back legs and whining as if he wanted to jump right into the dog park! It was hilarious. I'll try to get a pic.
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that is so cute! I had a dog once that did that - it is hilarious. Sometimes I think Teddy and Cassie watch but they don't react. Love to see picture!
Oh yeah, and he barks at airplanes too! Funny! Here he is watching "Max TV".


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Sam and Jenny both do that. Doesn't have to be other dogs on the tv either. Just every so often something will catch their attention and they will sit and watch. Sam does bark at door knocking sounds though, that drives me crazy, it's usually late at night when the kids are sleeping.

I LOVE the pic! So adorable!
OMG Curly, I love that picture...that made my day! :lol:

Usually when I am watching TV, scooter is usually
lounging lazily with me or either asleep, but not watching
the TV, lol!
What a great pic Curlydog. He certainly looks glued to the screen.

T watches TV all the time - he doesn't seem to care too much what is on though :smile: He will bark at animals on the screen especially bears and penguins from the other nights nature doco, and loves Quentin Tarantino movies I think it's all the movement in them.
He's prolly watching bitches on animal planet when your not around,
naughty boy! LOL! :rofl:
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