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When I first got my spoo a year ago now, she could not sight another dog without losing it. It wasn't extremely aggressive and she never bit another dog but she just lost it. She was 3 1/2 at the time and we put is down to no socialisation. We also found out she was tied up the majority of the time (at her old place) and we think dogs must have attacked her and come on to the property as she was particularly worse when she was on leash. Now after a year of reading many dogs books and going to agility and obedience classes every week for 8 months, she has improved enormously, and just the other day she allowed 4 new dogs to come up to her and sniff her which has never happened before as that usually set her off.

My advice to you would be to get the book 'The Dog Listener' by Jan Fennell as it provides invaluable information. I would also suggest stop going on walks where he is usually particularly funny around dogs until he improves much more around them, and be wary about what dogs you allow near him, as one bad one will make the situation much worse.

All you can do is put the hard yards in and do your best,
good luck :)

Plz tell us on any progress
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