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First... have you read this article? By Suzanne Clothier http://www.nesr.info/images-english-shepherd/He-just-wants-to-say-hi.pdf

Poodles are dignified dogs. They have a very well developed sense of their own self worth and I believe that they believe that they are above other mere canines.

My dogs are not dog aggressive. They don't go out of their way to start trouble and I can have them off-leash on trails or out in public with no problems. However, both Gracie and Sabrina absolutely hate having some slobbery Lab or Golden get up in their face. They find it rude and they will say something about it.

In general, I don't let my dogs interact very much with other strange dogs. I assume that most dog owners are pretty clueless. I don't know if their dogs are sick or aggressive and I've found that most dog owners can't read their dogs and don't have good control over them. God I can't tell you how many times I've been standing in line at the Farmer's Market, with a dog sitting by my side, waiting to buy bread or peaches and someone lets their dog come over and get all on top of my dogs. I'm like... Hello? This isn't a dog park! I didn't ask to visit with your dog and by the way, could you keep your dog from topping mine? It's rude!

So since your dog doesn't like other dogs in his face, why force the issue? Just give the other dog owner a polite nod of the head and keep walking OR put your boy into a nice heal position and if the other dog tries to come over, politely say, "Oh, sorry. We are working on our heal position. We can't visit today."

Now... if your dog is barking on the end of the leash... posturing... or actively being aggressive when he sees another dog. Well that is a different training issue.
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