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Doggy mind reading.

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So... some lady across the lake said she could see into the minds of dogs...
She was trying to read cassy's and I'm like.
"Oh.. I bet you cant guess what I'm thinkin'" (your crazy!)

But seriously, I am openminded to mind reading as your mind is simply electrical impulses which at one point or another, that energy leaves the body so I suppose other people could pick up on it, If you have a really close friend sometimes you find yourself knowing something is wrong with him even though you didnt see him at all that day, next day comes and he tells you he just had a break up or something.

But dogs... >.>
If i remember correctly dont they think at the level of a 2 year old.
Children dont develope inner speach until 4 years of age... thats why they have to vocalize their thoughts as they think them. So what would a mind reader be reading? impulses and hormones?
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So what would a mind reader be reading? impulses and hormones?
:rofl: Wouldn't that be amazing?!

I'm open minded enough to think that it is possible that some people are gifted with the ability to go beyond the normal.

But I think most people have the ability to finish others sentences and know what they are going to do next, etc. I believe that is simply by knowing that person so well for a length of time or be of a kindred spirit that this is possible.

My sister and I have spent so much time together in the last several years that we are able to say the exact same thing at the exact same time and even with the same inflection and it scares some people. We anticipate the others thought process and make a response before anything is actually said and 99% of the time we are right. Spending so much time together has allowed us to anticipate what the other will do or say or how we will react to situations. We are basically like twins when we are together.

I don't believe anyone can read a dogs 'mind' no matter how intelligent that dog is. However, I believe that someone like Cesar Millan, who has spent years studying the basic nature of dogs and how they interact (talk to each other) can predict how the dog's mind is reasoning and be able to do what the dog understands to train it.

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Exactly, when an animal exhibits even mild human like behavior we all go "WOW!!!!"
We wouldnt be wowed if it was like that all the time.

Half the time its easy enough to watch dogs and think of what they are thinking or trying to communicate. And it gets even easier if you read a book on it and have dogs to watch.

>.> People will believe anything these days lol

whether or not its because they want to believe their pet is an equal not a lesser being Idk.
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