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Looks like a lot of great, sound advice! I agree with it all.

After I teach my dogs to come on command in controlled situations-as stated above-, I let them off leash for a walk in the woods (that is the first place I let off leash as there are no distractions and I can work with them), I take a whole bunch of small treats with me and call them back to me periodically. When they turn to look I praise them and call in a happy tone... as soon as they get to me they get a treat, a very happy sounding 'good boy/girl', a good scratch on the head and then an 'ok,go' to let them know they can go off again. I do this with each of them and then all of them together. I can let Grace off leash anywhere, including in public parking lots and she will stay near me and come as soon as I call her. I can let Ivy and Chantel off leash also, but both are young still and can be distracted by wanting someone to pet them, so they won't be allowed total off leash in public like Grace until they are older and I am sure of their complete control. It is such a safety issue, all dogs should learn to come when called, even if they don't learn any other obedience training.

I always tell anyone that asks me how I get all of my girls to behave so well when they are out and they all come when called... training, training, training, and ALWAYS POSITIVE training! Set them up to "win" by doing things in small steps, not advancing to the next step till they are ready, and always willing to take a step back if needed, and, of course, lots of praising and you will have a happy, willing companion! :)
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