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Dog fight!

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Well it finally happened between Teddy and visiting dog Midnight. For some reason they don't trust each other - everyone blames Teddy but she gives him a signal and he reacts - I've seen it. anyway I didn't see what or who started it but they got into it by the pool and my son broke them up. I was so scared for Teddy because Midnight is part pitt bull and I thought she would really bite him bad. Nothing against the breed but they are supposed to have powerful jaws and my clown nips to play but she doesn't like it. Oh boy was he quiet after that - in fact today he is totally calm lol All the poos were scared to go out to potty after that if Midnite was out there, but I got them to go, including Teddy and it was ok. It seems to be in close areas - like the pool deck where he might have brushed her passing by or visa versa and also in the house.

I never too Teddy out to where Midnite was tied in the beginning to meet her like I did Ginger cause I thought because they were male/female they woudl get along - so that might be why he doesn't like her. Is it too late to do that now?
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personaly if it were me I would scrap the meeting and making friends ideas and just keep them seperate - how long is midnight visiting for? I know it's likely to be inconvient but for safety I would get over that. Those are fairly large/heavy dogs to have fighting. Somebody could get seriously injured breaking them up.

If you're going to insit on them being tolerant of eachother, maybe keep a water hose with a sprayer at the ready. It's a safer way to intrurpt a fight so that the two dogs can be broken up.

Another key is supervision, intrupt the behavior BEFORE the fight breaks out. Pay attention to the body lingo between the two dogs, staring almost always preceeds a scuffle and is a decent enough indicator. You'll see other signs though. DON'T let the fight happen, call Teddy to you RIGHT THEN and seperate them. The key to dealing with behaviors like this is to prevent them from becoming habit. The more it is allowed to escilate to that point the stronger the habit becomes, failure becomes the norm - make sense? So make something else the habit. Have both dogs sit, HAVE ANOTHER PERSON ON HAND, to make sure midnight complies as well as Teddy.

You can attempt to teach each dog that the prescence of the other dog means good things, like a special toy (that they won't fight over) or treat, or special attention. It is sort of the same concept of what you did with them and the barking. They got taught that the things they barked at were not bad, they ment something good. So when you intrupted the behavior they learned that too was a good thing. Make sense?

Were I in your position though, like I mentioned above, I would seperate them and keep them that way. From a trainer's standpoint once there is a bite/fight history between two dogs the habit is often already established. It isn't worth the risk of injury to me. Plus keep in mind that not only do you have to work on Teddy but midnight as well.

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One Christmas I went to the west coast, and decided to leave my little Afro Lambchop with my brother for a few days. I was fully confident to have him babysit her. He has a beautiful Staffordshire Bull Terrier, named Pearl.. a CKC champion...

Well, Pearl didn't like having Lambchop on her turf and according to my family, Lambchop was torn to shreds. My brother didn't even have the nerve to call me to let me know. I was devastated. It took me a long while to get over it and work up the guts to get another little puppy... now, years later, I finally have Snoops.

A few weeks ago, we were visiting my brother and Pearl was not very happy about having Snoops in the house. We kept the 2 separate even tho Snoops was so happy and eager to say "hello" and play...
Actually, as we arrived at my bro's house, we were attacked by his neighbor's chocolate labs! they came bolting out of nowhere and knocked Snoops and I to the ground! I couldn't get up fast enough and I was scrambling to grab Snoops. Luckily my bro-in-law was just behind us and ran to push the labs away. There was a little black toy poodle there as well, but he seemed to get along fine with the labs.

So, yes... just keep the dogs apart! Unless you have Cesar Millan around to work his dog whispering magic...

Better to be safe than sorry!
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